Bicycle Film Festival (London)

Bicycle film festival is up in London from yesterday, among all the good,short and long films, animation films and documentaries, I think that there is one that comes out(in my opinion).(Bicycle film festival could be a good project for Budapest for next year)

This short film is only the trailer of the 57min film by; Jason Watkins and Wendy Todd.
Its an amazing documetary about a blind MTB racer, here is a litle description of the film and "Bobby".

The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about Bobby McMullen, a competitive mountain biker on a mission to race the most demanding downhill course in the country. Adding to the difficulty: Bobby is legally blind.


Link a bejegyéshez:


Hunor képe
Hunor 2008, október 3 - 12:06

BFF is a good project for Budapest :)
The only problem is, BFF headquarters is not too cooperative on giving us the information we need.
If you have any contact with the guys in London, and you can get me the info I need, nagy lennél fiú.
We manage the sponsoring thing and the technical stuff, (Toldi became an E-cinema) but I need to know how this franchise thing actually works, do we have to pay for stg, what's the paperwork, etc.

If you can help, ragmeg.

pedro képe
pedro 2008, október 6 - 11:18

Aright, no problem I will do that es nagy leszek. I'm very happy that I can be helpfull in what I can. (raadasul a megyar gyikokrol van szol)

I know the guys(in this case its a girl,Laura) in charge of the event, here in London, I will talk with the persons today at the festival(if they are not to busy) and I will ask them.

De azert te is Nagy vagy csak az erdekelseg! (jo montam?)


aron képe
aron 2008, október 6 - 12:26

úgy tűnik oda fogunk menni

pedro képe
pedro 2008, október 8 - 12:05

Hunor give you email address, I have a contact for you.

snoop képe
snoop 2008, október 10 - 14:59

tegnap volt bécsben bff egyébként, kaptam róla hírlevelet. lehet megérte volna oda kimenni mer' közel van.
meg mától vasárnapig van bécsben először a cultiva. (

bécs jó hely lehet azért, na. :)

aron képe
aron 2008, október 10 - 22:02

bff vasárnapig van, és a kurva járvány megtórpedózta az odamenésemet ma a steerékkel, de vasárnap mindenképpen ki akarok oda tépni reggel még, hogy kettőkor indulhasson az alleycat:)