Budapest crew -> Tokyo TKBMA in english

Tokyo was fuckin' awesome people, but this time I don't wanna babble about that.  tovább »

Blacker than the nighttime sky of Bed-Stuy in July

Black like my baby girl's stare
Black like the veil that the muslimina wear
Black like the planet that they fear, why they scared?
Black like the slave ship that later brought us here
Black like the cheeks that are roadways for tears
that leave black faces well traveled with years
Black like assassin crosshairs
Blacker than my granddaddy armchair
Blacker than the nighttime sky of Bed-Stuy in July
Blacker than the seed in the blackberry pie
Blacker than the middle of my eye
Black like feh-lah man cry

Mos Def - Astronomy (8th Light)

ps: Obama Loves Riding in the City

Bristol bringás város

Twelve English towns and cities will receive £100m under a government scheme intended to increase the number of people cycling, it was announced today.

The transport secretary, Ruth Kelly, said she hoped the initiative would "pioneer new ways of encouraging people to get on their bikes".

Bristol has been named as the UK's first "cycling city" after pledging to double the number of people biking on its streets over three years.


Drupal helps Critical Mass Budapest reach 80 thousand riders

Critical Mass is an event which is held two times a year in Hungary (as well as sometimes more often and at varying times around the world), where bicyclists and other self-propelled commuters take to the streets en masse to demonstrate that biking is a good way to commute. Budapest's Critical Mass grows by each event in size, last fall attracting 70 thousand bikers, this past day having 80 thousand riders throughout the day.

What's great about this event is that the Critical Mass Hungary community site runs all on Drupal for the past few years, and the community is happy about it. It is great to see all these activity helped by Drupal, especially that this fine system is used on many of the other local biker sites for bicycle trading, dispatch riders, bike camps and several bikers associations. Another good cause where Drupal helps build a better world!

Also special thanks for the biker community who brought in some money for our Drupal Conference Hungary 2006 and then bought a camera for the last Drupal Conference 2007 for the Drupal User Group to use. This allows us to post videotapes of the presentations we have at our user group events ever since.


Lucas Brunelle got fresh video up

Everyone's favorite helmet cameraman has some new video up on his website.

Check out alleycat races in: London, Stockholm and Mexico.


One part terror, two parts beauty – tearing through this green archipelago avoiding Volvos


USA Cycle Messenger World Champions!

My correspondents have been able to supply me with a provisional top 3 male and female. This not an official communication from the organisers, merely a report from people that stayed in Dublin after I left. I guess we will have to wait for some sort of official word from the Dub crew before these results can be confirmed.


  1. Peter (Beantown)
  2. Kvende (Copetown)
  3. Bornholm (Copetown)


  1. Jaime (Denver) – not totally sure!
  2. Kym (New York)
  3. Therese (London/DC)

This isn’t official, but only what I am told by people that were there. I guess that means that the first 3 men to cross the line in the final were DQed. I recollect that Austin, Gareth and Jumbo were the first finishers. Too bad for them, it hurts to get DQed, as both Thomas Sauerwein (DQed from 1st place in 96) and Ivonne Kraft (DQed from first place in 99) can testify. 3 DQs seems like a lot, but I wasn’t party to the decisions, so I can’t really comment in the absence of any communication from the DUB crew...


Biker in trouble

I Broke my Frame today.. I am in romania and have no idea what to do..
I think I might just mail my shit home and hitch hike my way out of here.
I go a weld. but I am defiantly not riding it to Ukraine like the plan originally was. pics of the dude.

I have had a few problems here in Romania. When I left Budapest I started cleaning And oiling my chain once a day this id what it looked like on the 52 in front a few day’s later. guess what no 8 speed components in Romania


Bank sponsored bike sharing

Bank sponsored bike sharingOne more bike sharing initiative, this time with a corporate twist. An experiment in alternative transportation, exercise and community connections, Vancity—Canada's largest credit union—kicked off their Bike Share program on June 27th by “releasing” 45 shiny red bicycles into the community.

Bécsben is van már hasonló dolog. Sikeres, jól működik. Egy ilyen kezdeményezés már tényleg komoly alternatívát jelenthetne az autóval szemben.


Millpocalypse now

Customized track bikes? - TICKThere's not a shadow of a doubt:the most extreme messenger event ever.EVER!
The first time I have been told about the Millportpoloco at the ECMC in Basel.The list of casualties was quite impressive and included:one case of hypotermia,at least one case of serious burns,broken bones,couple of couriers missing in action and the off license expedition being chased by the audience of a country and western gig.That was the very first Millportpoloco which sadly i have missed.
Then there was last years poloco,the report from which you can find somewhere in the archived posts.
Not even in the slightest less extreme than the first poloco,that one started with the street kierin in Glasgow(going wrong way around a roundabout,with real traffic including a cop car,and particularly vicious parked cars attacking some riders) and finished with pirate alleycat on the island of Great Cumbrae-the last checkpoint was on the next island,racers had to swim there to complete the race.I GAVE UP DRINKING AFTER THAT WEEKEND!!!!


Bagaboo Workhorse

bagabooCompared this bag with the Crumpler bees knees which costs £99. The bagaboo is much, much better - much more than 13 quid better - so you’d be absolutely f–king insane not to pay the extra money for the extra quality , useability and features of the Bagaboo.


One blood

Bike messenger style NYC

Self Mastery

The key is self mastery, mentally and physically

Afu-RaYou're no the minority, the unseen majority
Communicatin brother to brother before a dialect
Developed longevity, built the first community
Understood the science of healin through herbology
First open heart surgery was under King Zoasa
Erectin pyramids livin off the Nile River
There's so many unknown facts about self, I shiver
I stop a second, think to myself, it make me quiver
I must reach right inside of the self and just deliver  tovább »

Vote for Drupal in the CNet Webware 100 Awards!

Vote for Drupal in the CNet Webware 100 Awards!

Drupal has been selected as a finalist by the editors at CNet Webware in the first ever “Webware 100” Awards, from over 4,000 user-submitted nominations. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 18 and posted on

Voting is NOW OPEN, and will remain so until June 11. So please, vote for Drupal!

Messenger 1994 - movie clip

A clip from the 1994 movie "Messenger" based on the Bicycle Thie. The messenger scenes are susposed to be serious but they are too funny.

Via yobi

Mom Violence at Critical Mass

In the wake of the incident of motorist violence at San Francisco Critical Mass on Friday, March 30, 2007, this video is presented as a counterpoint to the gross misrepresentation in much of the Bay Area media. The hype began with a gossip column in the SF Chronicle.

The side of the story which hasn't been told: a mother in a minivan reportedly endangered her children and the demonstrators by crashing through the Critical Mass in San Francisco. She struck one cyclist, who repotedly flew 4-5 feet, and crushed the cyclist's bicycle underwheel. She then fled the scene (hit and run). Cyclists chased and detained the motorist. One cyclist reportedly erred in throwing a bicycle at the rear of the van, which had tinted windows. None of the children inside, who were not visible, were injured. There were no further acts of agression in response to the attack. The police failed to arrest the driver, wihch is all too common in the everyday mistreatments of bicyclists, and particularly true at Critical Mass.

The attached video shows a parallel event, in which a mother terrifies her child, jumps a curb to attack, strikes a cyclist (a cancer victim, incidentally, and partially disabled), traps his foot underwheel, then pushes through and crushes the bicycle.

A police lieutenant failed to respond immediately after (audio problems need to be corrected, but you can see the cyclists are asking for justice). The full video shows that there was a police helicopter and police stationed at intersections along the way. Their failure to protect the cyclists speaks to the endemic and institutionalized discrimination against bicycling which is a foundation for the need for critical mass demonstrations.


CMWCXV | 15th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships - Sponsors

bagabooPrize sponsors are coming thick and fast, right now we have:

More to come for sure, but big up these guys for throwing their lot in with us.


London Recumbents

A nice way of making a long distance travel...or just pure fun and pleasure,or light-weight speed,all this in a Recumbent bicycle.

check them out!!!



MessenguerillaA spectre is hunting the world - the spectre of the Messenguerilla. All the powers of the old messenger world have entered in an alliance to exorcise this spectre : The pope,CMC-Organizers, Racing-Team-Managers and messenger companies.

Where is the party in opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of terrorism against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against it's reactionary adversaries?

1899 fixed gear tricks

Still back in the 19th century fixed gear was on the top!!!