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I am really like this new girl I just met a month ago but I am looking for something more serious but I know she still needs time to think because she just got out of a relationship. It is a hard choice and I do not know what she is looking for. I just hope that I am not getting played and I just want to give her my love. But I don’t want the relationship to be like that.

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The 2014 NAHBS Drive-Side Gallery

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 18:00

At a glance, this chop-job might actually appeal to some of you. Hey, it’s got everything you need. Low-riding porteur rack, shifting options, multiple paint finishes, massive tire clearances, rim options, disc brakes (hydro or cable) and a reasonable saddle to bar drop.

Doing this little exercise made me realize one thing: damn, there were a lot of disc brakes at NAHBS this year!

While I enjoy detail photos, the drive side of a bike lets you see so much, especially when it’s shot at a nice and level side profile. You can see clearances, BB drop, overlap, trail and reach.

The drive side photo is the most important portrait you can shoot of a bike, in my opinion anyway… This Gallery breaks it down. Flip through for easy comparison and if you missed any of these photosets, check out the 2014 NAHBS archive.

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Rock Shox RS-1 in Action

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 17:03

Photo by Adrian Marcoux

Here’s a feel good flick from Rock Shox, featuring that RS-1 inverted fork:

“They’re the future of XC mountain biking—in more ways than one. Kate Courtney and Russell Finsterwald are classic overachievers: She’s a NICA alumnus gone World Cup hopeful (and is a Stanford undergrad in her spare time), and he’s a former U23 National and Pan Am champ ready to compete in 2014 at the pinnacle of our sport. Stripped of team logos, and outside the boundaries of course-marking tape, however, both are simply mountain bikers with a passionate penchant for new trails and eye-opening adventures.”

Basically, this video makes me want to go ride some more desert.

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Cuppow and a Chris Chance in Los Angeles

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 16:00

Photos by Kyle Kelley

I absolutely love everything about these photos. Greg from Cuppow brought his Chris Chance road bike to the west coast for a little R&R&R (riding, rest and relaxation). While he was in Los Angeles, Kyle took him to the blacktop for breakfast and shot some photos of his rad ‘Chance.

Check out more here!


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Ruckus Composites: Jurassic Framesets

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 15:00

When I saw these frames from Ruckus, I kindly requested higher res files. This is so good. While I don’t have a whole lot of information, I’m sure if you go bug the dudes over here, they’ll explain the origins of the cloning process they used to bring these carbon beasts back to life.

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Eine for Stanridge Speed and the 2014 Red Hook Crit Hate Line Track Bike

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 14:00

This came out so rad!

“Ohio based Stanridge Cycles is excited to announce the arrival of Katie Arnold to the team as it heads into it’s 3rd season competing in the Red Hook Crit Series. Arnold will join previous Red Hook winner and Cat 1/Pro, Evan Murphy at the start line in NYC this weekend.

This years Red Hook Crit program began in October of last year while in Shoreditch, London visiting Deathspray Custom. Ben Eine’s work on Mother London caught the eye of Stanridge Cycles Owner Adam Eldridge. After returning to the states Ben was contacted and it was on. Ben hand painted both frames for the event.

This year Enve Composites  Paul Components and Vittoria Tires have joined as new team sponsors while Endo Custom remains as the jersey maker. Riders will use a variation of the iconic Stanridge HSP MkII (pictured) during the series to showcase a team that competes at the highest level of fixed crit racing.

“I enjoy creating bikes for this series. Having these frames used under race conditions means much more to me than hanging them on display at a bike show. They’ll get beat up, scratched and used which is perfectly fine with me”.  - Adam Eldridge, Owner of Stanridge Cycles.”

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Manual for Speed: New Bottles

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 13:30

The boyz over at Manual for Speed have some restocked their bottles and added new designs to the mix. Head on over to scoop!

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No 22 Little Wing Build

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 27 - 13:18

Wilis recently built up a No 22 Little Wing track bike to race at Red Hook Crit. These bikes look even better in person. I’d highly encourage you check one out!

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Beautiful Bicycle: Mars Cycles Track

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 21:38

In my groggy state at this year’s NAHBS, I met Casey Sussman, the builder of Mars Cycles, a small frame builder out of Oakland. His bright magenta track bike caught my eye but in a world of mail-order “fixies”, I didn’t initially register the bike as a hand made frame.

Once Casey introduced himself, I quickly realized that was no mail-order, made in Taiwan bike. It’s a legitimate, hand made track bike. Clean fillets, racing geometry, non-nonsense details and that 44mm head tube. Mars Cycles’ work, at this point, is focusing on crit-ready track bikes and Casey’s bike is a prime example.

Mars Cycles will have a few racers rolling these frames at this weekend’s Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, so if you see them, make sure to wish them luck!

I don’t have a link for Mars Cycles but leave a comment in the Gallery with any comments or concerns.

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Guest Gallery: Atom Moore Goes Macro at 2014 NAHBS

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 18:30

Let me preface this by saying the Guest Gallery you’re about to click through (hopefully!) was no easy feat. Photographing macro details in a convention center isn’t easy, especially when you’re toting around a Hasselblad 500cm, equipped with an 80mm lens, an extender tube, a Phase One back and lighting the scene with an LED lamp. It doesn’t matter how much you know about cameras, that last sentence probably made you scratch your head a bit.

Why would any photographer go through that much of a hassle to shoot NAHBS? Well, because the photos produced by such a rig came out stellar, that’s why.

Photographer Atom Moore had the most unique camera setup at NAHBS. When I saw him toting it around, I had to see what he was working on and after flipping through his submissions to PiNP, I gotta say that I’m so stoked on how they came out!

Check out some incredible macro shots from the 2014 NAHBS in the Gallery!

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Bishop Bikes: Ben’s Columbus MS Road

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 17:30

It’s been a long, long time since I first posted about Ben’s Columbus MS road frame. Last June, in fact. Chris and Ben both tracked down all the parts needed to build this beauty up and I gotta say, it’s one of the best road bikes I’ve seen come from Bishop. Which is saying a lot, considering my own and Michael‘s are still two stellar beauts.

Catch more of this insane road bike (if you can indeed catch it) at the Bishop Flickr!

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Fi’zi:k: The Eloquence of Movement Project

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 16:46

Why is it that the raddest shoes are always the ones never slated for public consumption? Case in point: the Eloquence of Movement Project that Fi’zi:k is promoting.

A little backstory: 2014 is David Millar’s final season of professional racing. He wants to go out with a bang, raising money for a charity and exploring his career as a pro through a series of conceptual cycling shoes.

These shoes were designed by VCRC Style Council in partnership with Fi’zi:k and will be auctioned off for the Small Steps Project.

Each pair was hand made in Italy and are completely insane – like the Milano Sanremo editions pictured above.

Head over to Fi’zi:k to see what all is on the auction block.

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Outlier: New Way Shorts

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 16:00

Photos by Emiliano Granado

My favorite piece in Outlier’s collection was photographed by Emiliano down in Mexico last month. The New Way Shorts are indeed, new and improved versions of previous Three Way Shorts models. $120, made in the USA and seriously, one of the best pieces for your spring and summer wardrobe. Scoop up a pair at Outlier, while they’re still in stock!

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Blue Lug Visits Paul Comp

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 15:30

One of my favorite shops, Blue Lug from Tokyo, visited one of my favorite US-made component companies, Paul, right after NAHBS. I’ve yet to spend time in Chico with the crew from Paul, but these photos make me feel like I was there. Thanks Blue Lug!

See more at the Blue Lug Flickr!

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Red Hook Crit: San Marco Concor Saddle

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 15:00

The 2014 Red Hook Crit is approaching and to celebrate this year’s race, they’ve continued to roll out collaboration products, like these San Marco Concor Saddles.

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Fairdale R&D Department

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 14:20

It looks like Taj is biding his time well in Denver with the new Fairdale R&D department! The line at 3:00 is killer.

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Two New FGFS Projects I Can’t Wait to See

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 26 - 14:17

Wolfdrawn‘s Stay Strapped and Zane’s Can’t Fool the Youth 3.

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Chris Akrigg Goes Chriscross!

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 25 - 23:30

SO GOOD. SO FREAKING GOOD! Thank you Chris. Also brings up a good segue into that Thomson 27.2 dropper conversation…

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Guest Gallery: e r t z u i ° film – Crema Cycles Static Rigid 29′r

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 25 - 21:52

Joe Wignall and Ken Bloomer, from Crema Cycles attended the Berliner Fahrrad Schau last week where they showed their new Static rigid 29′r shred sled in this limited edition configuration.

It features ENVE’s new MTB fork and a custom made carbon seat tube. The frame was built by Alchemy in Denver, especially for Crema Cycles and they will be offering 10 of these framesets (frame, fork, headset and seatpost). Each frame comes in a nice coat of custom paint and the Static is slated to be released later this summer.

Price is to be determined.

Props to the boys at e r t z u i ° film for the photos! See more in the Gallery!

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Tenspeed Hero’s Spring and Summer Release

Prolly is not probably - 2014, március 25 - 21:00

This is like straight out of a Calvin Klein ad from the 80′s! Tenspeed Hero’s new spring summer collection is in stock now. I particularly like the Happy Raindrop bottles and all the women’s jerseys.

Don’t miss the full Tenspeed Hero Spring Summer Release.

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